has anyone got any good excuses one of my favourites if i was a bit late for work and the boss pulled me up was I AM NEVER LATE BOSS ITS JUST THAT SOME DAYS I AM EARLIER THAN OTHERS its very rare i got an answer to that statement:?



    being late for class, sorry sir but i got into an arugement with a kid that said you were not the best teacher in the school.
    another is, sorry im late, i was bringing sexy back (the justin timberlake song)

    sorry im late i got chased by a pack of wild hyenas with sonar guns attached to there heads. Got me out of a few dententions that line:whistling:

    I'm not late, your just in the wrong quantum continuem...

    LATE? shut the heck up. *I* decide when I want to work

    Towards the end of my career it was easy
    "Sorry Boss, my bag split and I had to clean up."

    Sympathy and a wide berth were the order of the day

    i get my hair cut in work time so i once said to my boss " well it grows in work time so why shouldn't i have it cut in work time?":whistling:
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