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Posted 20th Nov
My father passed away unexpectedly a few days ago and, fortunately, left a will where he has left everything to my mother.

I am (one of) the executors of the will but have no experience of this scenario and am not proving that successful in finding the information on the Internet hence this post.

As my mother has been left everything, I believe there will be no IHT to pay - as such, is it simply a case of transferring any assets into her name?

I'm not akin to posting threads like this due to my private nature but would appreciate any pointers or advice on steps I need to take in this scenario - a step-by-step guide would be ideal.

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Probate When a Husband or Wife has Died
Generally, when a husband and wife or civil partners own assets jointly, everything will pass to the surviving spouse. So if your husband or wife has passed away, and you owned everything jointly as Joint Tenants, the assets will automatically pass to you. This means Probate is not needed.
With some already good advice provided, may I just offer you my sincere condolences on your loss HappyShopper. I hope you can get everything sorted as painlessly as possible during this sad time.

As someone has said, unless there are 'particular' provisions made in the will, assets pass to the surviving spouse.

I'll just pop this link here. You may have already seen it in your own investigation(s):

Kind regards, Phsy.
Sorry to hear of your loss. I dealt with my mothers estate as executor a few years ago. It is not too difficult and the various organisations you deal with were very kind and helpful. I followed a checklist similar to one posted below. The only tip I can give is to keep the documentation organised and keep a log/diary of the actions you have taken. As soon as it is appropriate to do, your mother should make or check her will as her situation has changed and there may need to be changes.
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Cant help with any advice, sorry for your loss.
Sorry for your loss. One tip I can give is to make sure you have certified copies of the death certificate or registrar issued versions. Most organisations won't accept just a photocopy
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