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Found 19th Jan 2009
Im looking for a cheap exercise bike for the house try and burn off some of the xmas beef that has been gained.

As always looking for a bargain and so far have only found this :


Any other suggestions would be great
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put a request in at your local freecycle group maybe?

its usually good manners to offer something back too
Don't buy one, you'll NEVER use it!
i got mine off ebay for around £4... think i've paid around £20 in total for all my gym stuff in my garage

Specifically look for low starting 'local pickups only' they tend to go for less... if you find one that ends around 4-6 during the week then even better.. most people who would bid will be off feeding the kids or be at work. So you simply snipe it at a low price. PM me if you want the details of the free ebay snipe site I use..
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