EXERCISE - questions some advice needed!

    I was just wondering what do you guys think is better for cardio running on the road for 3-4 miles, or riding a stationary bike for 17-20 miles for an hour or so or skipping for two to three 15 min intervals, and one more thing which of the 3 exercises do you guys think puts the less amount of pressure on the knees & joints, any tips or advice i will be thankfull & greatfull for!! adios


    Well the cycling definitely puts less stress on the knees & joints than the others...

    Do some research into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), this is effective in fat burning as it uses less time but high in intensity. There are many ways of doing it. Also gives a great cardio workout.

    Also you can do Steady State cardio, the boring longer 45-60 mins cardio at your optimal burning heart rate, again you need to do some research into this.

    Whatever method you choose do remember DIET is the key for effective weight loss if that is your goal.

    Have a read of this:…tml

    Very good info on there.

    i would say cycling would put less stress on knees and joints then the other too, so go for that one

    If your knees hurt when cycling then raise the seat:thumbsup:

    For quick fat loss the skipping or other high intensity interval training such as sprints for 1 min then jog for 3 mins etc would be best. However for cardiovascular training ie improving heart rate, steady rate cardio eg hour on a excercise bike would be advisable. To easy presure on joints always warm up and down.

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    Thanx for the advice guys! i think im going to go with the cycling for an hour and then finish off with skipping for 10 mins at the end:thumbsup: but i may do the occasional running on the roads cut down from 3-4 miles down to 2 miles tops:-D

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