Existing Three network customers any special deals as Jan/2015?

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Found 3rd Jan 2015
We are 4 here at home. The younger in the family are on three because of their data hungry habits. But because the three signal isn't great here the two adults are with Voda which isn't ideal as they are more expensive, much more expensive if one uses a lot of data.
As our contracts are running out soon we thought to move both to three now as well since we recently got a sure signal from them.
But when I called them today I was told that three doesn't do any special discounted deals for existing customers. This was for SIM only deals as I buy my phones.
They (three) say that all customers get the same deals, new or existing....
Please Note that this is not to upgrade existing contracts. This is for two new contracts

Have you guys got the same experience?

I must say that their SIM deal for 200 cross network minutes + 2000 3 to 3 minutes + AYCE Text and Data is an extremely good deal. On top they allow 4GB tethering per month. This is on a 12 months contract.


i think its only on contracts with phones but y not cancel one of the younger contracts and see what happens im sure you will get what you want..

Had experience of three. Don't offer any customer loyalty deals.Had 3 contract phones for self and teens. At renewal not moved one inch.same for new and old customers. They stand to lose out as other telecommunications comp make deals for loyalty. Unless you have to use 3 due to price of others or poor connection go elsewhere. Customer complaints is very poor.No empathy or understanding.

Ofcom announced Three as the least complained about network up til October last year. Network reliability they were voted 2nd in YouGov survey. Struggling to get rid of stigma of bad signal from 6-7 years ago. Deals are the same for new and existing in most cases. However, a lot of networks offer the best deals for 'new customers only' so the fact the you don't get penalised for being loyal is better than some networks!

As far as I am aware three don't do any special deals I have 3 contracts with them myself. However, if its new contracts that you are looking for go through a cash back site so at least you get something back.

If a network gives new customers deals at least loyal customer can walk and rejoin. Not 3. Also 3 has approximately 10% share so a network like ee or O2 gets more complaints as they have more customers. Three outsourcing it's customer services to India. Like I said it's who gives the best deal for your £££.

Been with three for 4 years now. I have three phones with them and their contracts were for renewal in December. Even though I had three phones under my name for me and the kids, three offered me no deals what so ever. They more or less said I either pay the price that's advertised or move somewhere else. Guess what ..??? Canceled all phones with three and are now on EE.

The problem with three now is they have increased their prices and are offering less for the money.

The customer service has got really bad the past year and there is hardly 4g within a 20 mile radius of my home.

My speeds are very slow with them, when I went to Southampton where three have 4g I was bitterly disappointed with the speed. 18mb DL - 13 UL.
Now with EE and have 4g all around my area and to make things even better EE have double data 111DL - 40 UL.

Here is the proof of the speed.

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As a current customer, I just spent two frustrating hours on the phone with Three in two phone calls. Initially I wanted to get a PAC code to take up the EE Xperia Z2 £22.99 a month offer (1000 mins 2gb data) and they kept offering deals like a refurbished S4 with 600 mins and 2gb data for £27 a month (!). As if it was better! Got the PAC code in the end, was offered a loyalty discount of a one month rolling deal with unlimited minuted and 4gb data for £15 or the code. Took the PAC code but called EE and their offer had expired. Had to go through the whole shebang again (half an hour of sales talk) and was then told I couldn't have the £15 one month rolling offer I had been offered literally half an hour before. Had to argue quite hard but I am now on unlimited minutes and 4gb data for £15 a month, one month rolling.

Exactly. Indian call centre
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