EXISTING Virgin Media Customers get a TiVo upgrade for free

Found 22nd Nov 2012
I have a friend who gave the nod about this. Up until recently if you were an existing Virgin Media customer and you wanted to go from a V+ box to a Tivo you had to pay a £50 install fee. Apparently now existing customers customers can request the install and they are not charging.

As with all things Virgin media you MAY have to press the operator to do this, I just called and they did it fine, but as always it will depend on who you talk to, always worth threatening to leave to Sky if they don't accept your request.

You should be aware that you do get charged a few quid a month to have TiVo running (depending on your package). My friend ( A virgin engineer) said this is because they are phasing out plus boxes and you cant actually order them any more, they want all customers on TiVo ASAP.

Fingers crossed they we can all get this one in time for Christmas!
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£60 a year to rent a video recorder. Pass.
This in NOT new ....i had this option months ago when i asked for a V+ Box for my extra room.

My choice was Free Tivo Box and pay a cost per month ....no thanks.

......or one of fee of £50 for V+ Box......which i went for.

if you ring them to check id wouldnt be at all surpised if theyve entered you in to a new contract.....they did it to me once over a new router took me ages to get them to taki it off
virgin prices are going up 1st feb 2013
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