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Exoplanets: The Search for Another Earth free on Audible with subscription

Posted 27th May
This is for active subscribers, and is not free for everyone.

Technologically there’s never been a better time to search for a new earth beyond our solar system.

Professor Danielle George examines exoplanets in the so-called habitable zone. Those that have liquid water. And maybe even life.

She wonders how we might be able to take the our first ever high resolution picture of an exoplanet using the microchips found in mobile phones. And she meets world-leading astrophysicists to ask if within our lifetimes humans might step foot on an earth-like planet.

An ITN production for Audible Originals.

This is an Audible Original Podcast. Free for members. You can download all 6 episodes to your Library now.

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Bummer, just canceled my membership couple days back
Just discovered if you suspend your membership (not cancel) then you can't get this
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