Exotic foods.......

    Whats the strangest thing you have eaten? I have just had a beaver curry.
    It was just like chicken curry really, only a little 'otter.


    lol-do you prefer to eat beaver with the fur on or off?:whistling:

    I like eating beaver too, apart from when the hairs get stuck between your teeth

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    lol-do you prefer to eat beaver with the fur on or off?:whistling:

    not fussy really..............:whistling:


    monkey.....,ant and ant egg soup, boiled jellyfish.......

    Iguana in Central America

    u ate monkey?? thats cannibalism

    Roast guinea pig on a stick in Peru
    Still beating heart of a king cobra followed by a shot of cobra bile followed by deep fried cobra meat in hot n sour sauce
    Jellyfish at a Korean restaurant in Munich
    Chocolate dipped bees from a bakers in Halifax

    so there really are not many veggies around then:whistling:

    its chicken tarka. like chicken tikka but i little otter..

    Sea cucumber in the cook islands

    I once had a cheeseburger with mayo. Disgusting but have to try exotic foods at least once.

    'beaver' 'otter - cleverly done.

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    'beaver' 'otter - cleverly done.

    I think most people missed that. oh well. better luck next time.:whistling:
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