Expand your PS4 Library with some FREE Games!

Posted 15th Nov 2020
Whether you are new to Playstation, or just looking to expand your game collection with something different, there are lots of FREE PS4 games available right now.

Even for those who already know what's available, the revamped Playstation Store is probably not the easiest online store to navigate, so the links in this thread may offer an easier way to navigate for you too!


'Free to Play' Games

Other Free Games

Feel free to add links below to any other free games (which are not found in these initial links).

Bluefusion: 15/11/2020 Crypt of the NecroDancer is free to download

Other Information: (Credit to aLV426 15/11/2020)
No subscription is required to download & play these games.

Some of the games are also playable online & no PS Plus subscription will be required for that online play as free to play games are generally playable online without PS Plus (although there are exceptions).
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