Ordered something from them 30 days ago (almost) the items at the time of purchase said they will get them in within 5 days.

    Still nothing arrived.

    They dont reply to emails (been over a week now)

    What next with these lot??



    Agreed still waiting for my Wii Play from 6 weeks ago, they said they expected stock in 5 days that was 10 days ago. They've taken the money for it as well. Cancelled my last order also a month after placing it and not hearing a word, they decided to stop selling it and not tell me.

    Original Poster

    I ordered wii play too.

    There is no option to cancel the order on the site. and when i email them to cancel they ignore!!!!!!!

    BUNCH OF COWBOYS! I will never ever touch there site again even if i had a 50% off code. waste of time.

    I'm the same ordered Mario Kart about the same time was for my daughters birthday when i e-mail they keep giving me a new delivery date due to them.A total shambles !!!!!!!!

    Oh my god I got Wii Play too and it's never arrived.......



    Oh my god I got Wii Play too and it's never arrived.......

    Go ahead and cancel it and ask for a refund. They aren't stocking it again now check the site
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