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I am booked on a flight from LHR to SFO and then back from LAX to LHR on 16th Feb 09. I have today received an email saying my Air France flight has been cancelled, and that I will have to fly to Paris.

Am I entitled to change to another flight, or will I have go to to Paris, and then will the arline have to pay for my connecting flight to London?

Any advice would be appreciated

Many thanks



This should be posted in misc forum......

got the same flight booked, and the same problem. not at all happy as i've seperate connecting flights already booked with american airlines. help needed please!

Got the same email! Not happy!

I too am booked to come back from Vegas in May with the second part of that flight being Los Angeles to London Heathrow.

I'm now (without my permission) on a flight from Los Angeles to Paris.... WTF....

Have e-mailed Expedia.com.au back but I don't imagine they'll get back to me too quickly.

Not impressed.

Going to see if I can get Skype set up on my PC tonight and give them (Expedia) a call see what the options are

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Hi Folks

I have been supposedly booked on a flight to Paris on the 16th Feb from LAX as well.

I am not happy as dont want to go to Paris. I have today spoken to Expedia Aus and the lady said that there are 150 people in the same position and that Expedia are supposed to be contacting Air France about it.

I wont hold my breath about anything being done about it. They said that they should be emailing people with further details in several weeks time.

Its very frustrating, as they wont tell me whats going on!


Thanks Rodders35,

Can I ask how you called Aus, on a normal landline? I want to call them but don't want to pay £££'s.

Can't believe they are going to send further details "in several weeks time" lazy gits!

Just had this through:


I will be calling Air France tomorrow to find out the options for this schedule change. We have received over 100 of these cases and I will email you your options either tomorrow or Monday.

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Hi Folks

I called them from work, a quick 6 mins phone call, I didnt hang around.

Its annoying, as I emailed them last night, and still got no response back. It looks like we are going to Paris whether we like it or not as tAir France have cancelled the flights from LAX to LHR from November as cutting back on flights during the winter to save money etc.

Kind regards


Not just winter; I'm going in May.

Well this is annoying!! I'm in the same boat, i'm not tooooo mad aslong as they don't cancel the flighs (did only pay £160 for it in the first place tbh!). I'm more annoyed that won't be able to buy any duty free in LA now as i'll be connecting through paris :-(

I'm going in May next year too and received the same email today. :x

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Hi Folks

Just spoken to Air France, who would not help with the flight change as they said I dont have an Air France Ticket and that I need to speak to Expedia.

So we have to wait for Expedia to do something unfortunately!
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