Expedia help!

    Right just about to book flights on expedia...anybody ever have any difficlties with them?

    Plus theres connection flights, just wonderin how do they handle baggage.
    Do they or airline operators transfer your luggage to the connection flights or do you have to run round like a headless chicken!


    If you are flying from A to C, changing at B, your luggage should be automatically transferred at B (where you take connection flights). I used expedia in Jan and their rates are quite competitive.

    Quidco also have cashback for expedia.

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    Thanks for the info!
    May have left it too late for quidco tho. The buddy has just informed me that the flights aren't there anymore on his laptop, dunno if its because i've got to the payment stage on my pc. dont wanna be startin afresh and then not see them there!
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