Expenditure template needed please

    Hi i need to print out a expeniture form out and send out to companys i owe money to, just wondering if anyone knows where i can print out a template type of thing so i can fill in the details on it.



    go on money saving expert i think they give you lots of info and may even have a template there

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    Like this ?

    Yeh thats it! thanks alot


    You would be better off using a proper debt management charity as they do all the work for you. They tell the companies you owe money to the amount you can afford once you have filled out their debt management plan. The best one is Consumer Credit Counselling Service ([url][/url]) who offer either freephone debt counselling or you can do it all online. All you need to give them is 3 months worth of wageslips and fill out their debt management plan.

    They arrange for your creditors to freeze interest and stop bombarding you with calls or letters.

    I know two people on this scheme - it is free and confidential and no hassle and they swear by them.

    Hope this helps! Don't try to do it direct with your creditors as they will try to get as much money out of you as possible and make it unrealistic to stick to whereas the CCCS allow for things like normal living ie going out, stamps, magazines etc! when working out how much you can afford.
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