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Found 10th Sep 2014
I've got a 3G iPad that I occasionally need 3G connectivity. Probably once a month and download about 60MB. Most of the data SIMs that I've looked into have a monthly charge or expiry date. The only exception to this that I've found is the 5GB prepaid SIM from uk.prepaidzero.com/.

According to the blurb, the 5GB has no expiry date and it must be connected to the network every 6 months for it to be active. They use the Vodafone network.

€46 (£37?) is a bit steep for a one off payment (including P&P), but considering most data sims start at £5, it'll take 8 months before it works out cheaper. According to my 60MB usage, this 5GB sim will last me nearly 7 years.

Vodafone have also pulled the plug out of Samba and Ovivo - they could do the same with this company.

Has anyone got experience of Prepaidzero, if so would they recommend them?
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could end up like simplybroadband
EE Nano SIM with £5 credit for 99p

acording to their price list you can do the following...

UK data content add-on: 500MB for £5 and is valid for 30days
Data Pack: 100MB, 10minutes, 10 SMS for £1 and is valid for 7days

EE PayAsYouGo price list

EE allow you to buy 2 SIM cards every 3 months, so get a friend or two buy you some as well. At the end of every month (or when your £5 credit are used up) you throw the used SIM card away and insert a new one.
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