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    I have just purchased from The Link V3i on 10 Months Free Line Rental. I fully understand how it works now reading from you guys.
    I want to know from experiance how does it actually end up. I mean does any one have bad exp or something they could advice others. What is the best way of sending your Bills back. Maybe registerd or waht? A another method which someone may have found which is easier and problem free.

    Many thnaks


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    come on, someone must have something to write!!!


    i always send them recorded post, and so for so good. the link should be a safe bet (big name company).

    is there anything to stop you from just taking out the new simcard and leaving it in a draw?

    and are there any good sony ericssons on 12mnth free line rental right now?

    Nothing from stopping you from leaving the SIM card out, but I think it's best if you stick it in the phone or another phone every now and again just so it's registered as active with the network or whatever happens.

    £40 for refurbished W800i at OneStopPhoneShop Click Here
    £60 for K750i at The Link (very reliable cashback) Click Here

    (Price given indicates cost for the WHOLE year after cashback)

    Purchase via for extra cashback - £45 at the link and £20 at OSPS. This brings the price of the W800i down to £20, or the K750i down to £15!!

    Hope that helps,

    yep thats awesome! soon as the a levels are over, i think i'll find the time to fill that in.

    are there any cheap w810i or w550i?
    i know its a longshot but y'know.


    I'm currently on a 12 month free with OSPS and it's been fine. Just make sure you send in the form in the correct period and send it registered post. I received my cashback cheque in one week from the time I sent in the claim!

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    thnaks for that guys. any other suggestions.
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