Experience with Halifax Ultimate Reward Account for replacing Iphone

Posted 17th Jan 2011
My wife has just left her Iphone 3gs in the toilets of the local ASDA, it was gone 2 mins later when she realised.

It is insured under our Halifax Ultimate Rewards account, and the excess is only £30 which isnt bad but they have said she will get an Iphone replacement if one is available or an alternative, or a cash settlement, anyone got any experience or advice on this ??
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Have you read the key exclusions to the policy?

Loss of, theft of, or damage to, your phone:

- where it has been left unattended in a public place or a place to which people, the public has regular access

Oh but you've spoken to them already about this?

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Experience of leaving a phone in the toilets? Nope.
Advice? Don't leave your phone in the toilets!

Sorry, but I refuse to go anywhere near Halifax - their customer record is appalling.
Surely it's not insured if she left it unattended?
Currently going through the claims process with them now for a iphone which got pinched. Needed a crime ref number from police for the theft. Got to say, after this claim is done..i'll be scraping the ultimate reward account service - the whole process of having it ressolved has been tedius and every call i make, just get fobbed off with fake promises that dont happen. Calling them is expensive, but you wont have a choice as they wont call you...even if they say they will
This is exactly what I don't want to be reading a month into joining the scheme. Lets hope I don't lose my iPhone
It covers loss. If you lose your phone just ring them and say you have lost it and not sure where.
i have been going throught the claims at halifax rewards for a iphone that i broken i sent it 07/07/11 and they told me they recieved, 13/07/11, they took £30 excess 13/07/11 and told me 5 working days, called today on progress 19/07/11 as though would have recieved it by now, and they have said they have nothing to say they have recieved the phone, they told me it was recieved prior, i called royal mail to ask if was delivered and it was delivered but has no signature, it was recorded delivery but compo is only £46 through royal mail which no one told me to insure it through them as dont send many parcels so didnt no and never gave me this option in po, royal mail advised they can deliver upto 50 phones at once and only recieve one signiture which does not go onto everyones to say iots recieved,
if anyone knows where i stand with this as feel i have lost everything due to no fault of my own
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