Experiences with multi-service packages (internet, phone, TV)

Found 26th Jul 2010
Originally posted in misc but on reflection this is probably a better place for it...

Hi guys, I have just moved into a new house and I need to get the internet set up. I don't have a phone-line set up yet so that will be needed too. We have freeview here but extra TV channels would be a nice bonus.

Does anyone have any experience with the various multi-packages out there? BT, Virgin and Sky all do offers for all three - would any of you reccomend using seperate providers for all three services, or is multi the way to go?

Price is my primary concern, but I would also take any experiences with using a multi-package into account. Always been a live-in or student before so this is my first time setting up these essentials!


edit: some extra info... only needing the phone-line because you need one for the internet, i'll use my mobile for all my calls. With TV, it would be nice to have the basic channels as an addition to freeview. Im not desperate for sports/movie channels but if it was only a few quid extra a month I might be tempted. This house used to have sky before I moved in - there's already a satelite dish on the wall outside (I've no idea if this means anything, but thought i'd mention it) and finally I don't mind using cashback websites if I can get a better deal!
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a great help - cheers. If you had read properly you would see that im looking for peoples experiences as well as price comparrison. Obviously I've done some looking around on my own first.
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