Expert request: Wifi Universal Repeater

Found 22nd Jan 2007
I'm looking for a wifi universal repeater (I believe that's what they're called) that can pick up a third party wifi signal and then rebroadcast it. I"m aware of WDS but I believe that requires a WDS compatible AP as well as router admin access.

Here's an example of one in the US:


I don't know anything about these so I'm not only looking for the best price but also advice on which one to get, something that's not flaky and also that's dead easy and quick to set up.

Thanks for looking!

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It looks like most wireless access points will do this job, when properly configured, see ]here.

As for the cheapest, try ]dealtime which you can narrow down to wireless acess points and then wireless repeater mode.

As for which one to buy I don't know.

Some more info ]here too.

The ]http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/images/products/F5D7132uk.gif Belkin F5D7132UK looks canny. I have its big brother, and it's very easy to set up. £31.37 at ]LambdaTek.

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I didn't know that any router could do it? As a universal repeater (i.e. without access to the originating AP)?

Does anyone have experience with this?

Comes with an automatic configuration button to connect in repeater mode

Hmm that looks good (from the Belkin you had there cutthroat_jake).

Dear Admin

I have set-up and am currently using the Belkin Universal Repeater - it works quite well and was easy to set-up (took about 10 minutes).



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Thanks for all the links hottoshop and cutthroat_jake.

adchesney - Thanks for the info! Did you have to do anything to the other router or is it just some fiddling on the Belkin settings?

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Well I picked up the Belkin WURE in the end and have it set up now. The automatic mode didn't work as I think the signal I was picking up was too weak. So I had to log into it's web interface to select the network I wanted to repeat. Only problem was the documentation is shockingly poor. Finally I found some info in an Amazon review that showed how to get into the web interface and make the changes so now it's working fine!
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