I've just bought the LG Viewty and have found it to be a pretty good , I think my only complaint would be that the battery life isn't very long (compared with my K800i).

    There's a good website that has lots of information on the Viewty which i've just joined.…90/

    viewtys got better camera? dats all i know.

    I have the LG Viewty, the camera is really nice although there are some little niggles with it. The battery life isn't great but then this isn't a problem for me as I charge it by my bedside every night so I don't really notice it.

    And texting can take awhile to get used to, the QWERTY keyboard is nice but even with my little hands I manage to press the wrong button now and again so I ended up using the traditional keypad way. I've only had it a week or so and while i think the novelty of the touch screen will wear off after awhile if you're after a touch phone it's a pretty good one to start with - i've found it very responsive but sometimes the menu can be slightly sluggish. No idea about the cookie though.. i'd say go try each phone out in the shop - best idea to be honest


    viewtys got better camera? dats all i know.

    Yeah from what i've read in T3 the cookies camera is only 2 megapixels.

    The Viewty is quite a chunky phone compared to the Cookie i think and it might have a higher resolution screen- check the specs before you buy.

    I just bought the cookie a couple of days ago, I had been looking at the viewty but after comparing them in cpw I opted fot the cookie and im glad i did. It is light and slim with avery nice sized screen.
    The user interface is very easy to get used to and texting is very responsive I use the stylus with the keyboard option when texting and love it.
    Camera not the best but then I wasn't looking for that I really just wanted the touch screen lol.
    The games are cool too the flying dices game is great as you have to shake the phone to throw the dice and you can have more than one player.
    Also when you register on the Lg website you get points for downloads which I have used for games too.
    Hope this helps.

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    [COLOR="Red"]MY VERDICT[/COLOR]- Viewty is a better phone overall I think - It has 3g, hsdpa, xenon flash, excellent camera etc....and it's a high end phone. The cookie came out as a budget phone, whereasa the viewty is a high end phone + you cannot customise the cookie like the viewty, e.g iphone theme, v tocco theme. But the viewty lacks an accelerometer (motion sensor), and is much more bulkier and a external
    stylus whereas the cookie has a internal stylus, accelerometer, much lighter and smaller, but lacks 3g etc. and a rubbish camera.


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    P.s does the viewty have a QWERTY keyboard and can you go sideways and use the phone landscape etc. and browse full web pages?
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