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nope but it works on Mr Bubbles :giggle:

Hmmm maybe I should give it a go.. i have this habit of if something doesnt work, I take it to pieces bit by bit, then bend a few bits, break a few bits and try and put it all back together in hope that YEAY ive fixed it .... an hour later when it wont go back together i bin it and go buy another one.......Why do i continue to do this???? MAD!:?


nope but it works on Mr Bubbles :giggle:

[SIZE="4"]With a scaffolding pole Red??!?!?[/SIZE]

I normally give stuff a clout if it doesn't work, If that doesn't work I take it apart.

When I was in technical college, (long time ago) I was taught "if it wont move hit it, if it still doesn't move get a bigger hammer, if that doesn't work then its f****d"

Mr Christmasshopper's motto should be, "If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is". Once he starts to fix something, a new one is guaranteed.

bod emrys

Anyone else have experience of sucessfully beating mechanical equipment?

Yeah.... my IT staff


bod emrys

You only need 2 tools in life - gaffertape and WD40.If it moves but it … You only need 2 tools in life - gaffertape and WD40.If it moves but it shouldn't - use the gaffertape,if it doesn't move but it should - use the WD40.In all other instances - hit it!

Or do as my hubby does... try and fix it, if you can't fix it, throw it against something- if it still doesn't work, swear at it and spend the next hour sulking.

My toddler also does this (except without the swearing part) :giggle:

And when trying to attach something to a wall, eg, a very heavy mirror, if you can't get a solid enough fixing, a good idea is to use a silicon gun to stick it. That way, when you go to pack up when you move house, your buyers get a load of free stuff. :thumbsup:
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