EXPIRED - Call of Duty - World At War PC Beta Code - Free to a good Home

    Hi. I got one of these via email, dont know why as I play on 360.

    But if anyone wants the PC Code for FREE then let me know. Cheers.


    nice of u hopefully sum1 dont sell it on lol

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    nice of u hopefully sum1 dont sell it on lol

    I'd be surprised if someone actually paid any money for it on the PC! I prefer the 360, dont play games on the PC so its no use to me anyways, besides, if anyone does sell it with the festive season approaching then all I would say to them was "May the Yule tide log fall from their fire and melt their toe nails into their feet."

    Enuf said really. lol. :whistling:


    how big is the download for this thingy?


    Original Poster

    No takers? Fair enough...I'll delete the email. Dont say I didnt offer! :thumbsup:
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