expired: ebay: is it ok for buyer to pay and collect in person?

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Found 18th Jun 2011
Is that ok for me to accept or does anyone know if it could turn out horrible for me?


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How are they paying?

paying COD fine, paying by paypal noooooooooooooooo
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If collecting in person accept CASH only

I only accept cash if they want to collect as they can say they never got the item and get a refund from paypal, and paypal always side with the buyer when there is no tracking info.

Yeah no PAYPAL or CHEQUES!!!

Yes .done it this morning , buyer won , arranged collection day/time via ebay , got cash on collection and all is well , plus saves on paypal costs .
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Buyer is paying by cash, Sorry don't know what COD is, cash on delivery?

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Kwl thanks for your help guys!

Whats better than cash. No paypal fees.

But don't accept patpal and coolection as you will have no come back if they make a claim and say they haven'[t received the item.

Agree with all the others, accept cash only.
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