EXPIRED HELP- PC Keyboard Problems

    Hiya, I'm currently playing a football game and was looking to print the screen so i can upload the image (to show i'm not cheating) but when i press print screen on my keyboard nothing happens!!! Is there a way i can check the configuration of my keyboard or is it broke?

    If it helps it's a Compaq keyboard

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks in advance


    Oonce you have pressed print screen button, you need to go to an image program (Paint) and then 'Paste' it in. This is normally found in the Edit menu.


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    Sorry to sound dumb here but does that mean that once i've pressed 'print screen' it doesn't show anything? So i come out of it and go to paint? Once again apologies if this sounds dumb just not PC savvy

    Once you have pressed the button, it wont do anything, but as soon as you are in Paint and then paste, the magic will happen!

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    Just did it:thumbsup: I've been pressing the print screen button like a dummy for hours thinking it has to come up with something. Ach well you learn something new everyday. Thanks for your help rep added
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