EXPIRED - Help! Which one do I keep and which one do I sell? Dell Vs HP

    I'm at odds on this.

    I have a Dell Desktop PC 5050 Series I think, PC Tower, 17" Monitor, P4 3GHz CPU with 4GB RAM and 620GB Hard Drive, 1 LightScribe DVD Multi-Writer and 1 DVD Multi-Writer. Now this is what I use every day.

    However, I also have a HP NW9440 High end spec 17" laptop (HP NW9440 Core 2 Duo T7600, 17"WUXGA, 2GB (1 dimm), 100GB 7200rpm, DVD+/-RW DL, Intel 802.11a/b/g, BT, Graphix card thats worth more than a new basic laptop etc yada yada yada). Which sits and gathers dust all day.

    I dont know whether to ditch the PC and use the laptop or ditch the laptop and continue using the PC.

    Any sugguestions (reasonable, moral and clean preferably!) Thanks.


    Sell the laptop? If it's not going to be moved around (and a 17" isn't fun to move much!) then stick with the desktop machine. Ideally have both though...

    i think you should sell your laptop if you use your computer more coz if you preferred it you would use it more than the pc :-D

    Common sense really. If you don't need a laptop then sell it.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies. I was thinkin that the laptop would save space and that I wouldnt need a plug for a monitor or PC unit, only 1 plug for laptop and there would be far fewer cables if I used the laptop as opposed to PC.

    Thanks for the replies anyways folks. I think I might just ditch the PC and use the laptop.

    Common sense really. If you don't need a laptop then sell it.

    I didnt say i didnt need it. I just said its gathering dust as I mainly use the PC at the moment. Cheers anyways.
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