Expired: Ipod Classic or 80+Gig Mp3 Player

Found 28th Dec 2009
Hi all, wondering if anybody has seen any decent Mp3 players around 80 gig a bit cheaper than the ipod classic, or if anybody has seen any ipod classics cheaper than 190 quid.. Bit pricey, but got loads of music I want to be able to carry around without dragging my laptop with me.

Also, wondering if anybody has any info on the classic range? if you think they'll come down soon, or be updated again so the older model be outdated in a month (no doubt a few days after i buy it)

Trying to put off buying one in hope i'll find it cheaper or a decent alternative but think im going to regret it after VAT goes up again

Any info would be great, thanks all.
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Got one, cheers
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