Expired are they tagged…445 This item I believe has expired as the camera no longer exists on Comet's pages and the link does not work.

    How are thread marked as expired? do you have to report them?

    There is an expired tag on the original deal post I think I clicked on this earlier today to inform peeps.

    It is now greyed out on my page but nothing has happened to the post being marked expired.

    Just wondered thats all.


    I've just expired it

    Original Poster

    Ok but how does it work? we click on the expired button and you expire it after checking?

    The more people that click on expired the sooner it becomes expired.

    If you find a thread with an expired deal, just post in the thread stating its finished/finito/kapuut and the deal will soon enough become expired.

    To unexpire a a mod. They have the power! Unfortunately, we don't :-( :thumbsup:

    People over a certain rep amount can expire it by themselves, i don't know what the amount is though - I know i can do it :?

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