EXPIRED ps3 320gb

    I have a ps3 with 320gb hard drive. It is the fat version. Controller, HDMI cable etc included.

    How much is it worth?


    depends what version it was originally and how old it is...but id reckon about 150

    Was it the original 60gb model or another??

    I would say about £180-200 (if the 60gb model)

    Original Poster

    it was originally the 40gb version but has been upgraded


    about £120

    yeah about £130-£140

    I bought a 80gb ps3 a few weeks for...came boxed with all cables etc one dual shock controller for £135

    £150 tops it doesnt help the sale of secondhand/used ones with the cost of new ones being so cheap with a warranty etc, its possibly one of those "its worth more to you than anyone else" situations, I have a now unused xbox 360 premium with 35 games, 2 controllers, play and charge battery packs on both controllers all boxed but refuse to sell as it will only probably fetch me £100 if im lucky.

    good luck and i hope that you get what you want for it

    Original Poster

    i'm looking to sell to a mate and need to be realistic with price. I am getting a PS3 slim 250gb with uncharted 2, Bioshock 2 and HDMI cable for £284.99 at Amazon.
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