EXPIRED: RROD Xbox 360 - preferably with power and AV cables

    Hi there,

    I'm after a cheap broken 360 to try do up for my cousin or use as parts to get my cousin a cheap console. If you have one laying around gathering dust and would like some cash for it please let me know.

    Happy to pay up to £40 + postage.




    I've got one as once it died I upgraded to an elite. It would be £52 including postage. Let me know.



    Btw it would just come with the brick as I can't find the cables.


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    thanks david.. would be nice if it had the cables... Would you accept £45 via paypal gift... happy to pay £52 if you could find the av cables.


    Ok I'll have another rummage. Will get back to you asap.

    I have a new one, looking to trade it?

    No control pad, but got the HD AV cables and power brick with it.

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    what were you looking to trade with ?? i've some 360 games or wii games.. ??

    Ideally looking for a small laptop or a wii..
    ]my thread is here

    What 360 games do you have?

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    Ideally looking for a small laptop or a wii.. ]my thread is hereWhat 360 … Ideally looking for a small laptop or a wii.. ]my thread is hereWhat 360 games do you have?

    thanks but the whole idea of this was that i'd like to get a cheap console... I can offer £80 without the hard drive.

    £90 without the hard drive and you have a deal.

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    i meant to ask whether this has a benq drive or the phillips??

    No idea, how would I find out?

    Original Poster…htm

    Peek through hole 3.

    If you see white wire then it is a Benq drive if it is yellow then its a Lite-On drive.

    Just checked, it has a white wire yeah. Not sure what difference that makes though.

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    thanks for looking... the white wires means it will be able to be modded quite easily as the phillips drives, although can be done, must have the drive swapped completely to get it to run iXtreme firmware.

    Thanks for the offers guys but I grabbed a RROD with cables and controller off ebay this morning for £50... cheers
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