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Expiry Date for Asda Offers/Rollbacks - Are they completely random?

Posted 26th May 2016
I previously gave up Asda Home Delivery. Every time, a load of roll-back or offer items turn up at full price even when you order the day before and I end up having to reject a lot of the order. Its extremely annoying Asda will not tell you when their offers expire but does anyone know the days they typically end these offers or its completely random? Previously I was ordering for a Thursday delivery.
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Rollback is just the name asda is advertising a item on sale.
the dates on most food are very low. !
once we bought fruit shoot from shelf, it was in date by only a week. I was fuming when I realised.

same with crisps etc
I know exactly what you mean. The offer on Muller yoghurts (12 for £3) was on for at least three weeks with absolutely no indication whatsoever as to when the offer was due to end. They're an utter pain for doing that. A quick email or letter or phone-call to head office might get you some answers, however, but I wouldn't hold your breath.
not sure about asda although you order online but instore in morrisons on deals or offers with the price tabs, in really tiny writing at the corners it gives the end date it finishes I'm sure I've seen this in tesco before aswell. I never knew until a friend told me to look for this
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