Explain this bet please as I don't get it.

Found 9th Oct 2017
I placed a 15 team accumulator over the weekends internationals using £2.50 at 90/1.
Because one team generally lets you down I also opted to do a 14 team accumulator using the same 15 games. £2.50 again @57/1
As always happens Costa Rica only drew with Honduras so I lost the 15 team acca.
The 14 acca came in though but my return was £2.80. I don't understand this and I'll preempt most of you. You're right I shouldn't be betting if I don't understand this......so how can me placing a 15 team accumulator at 90/1 that should have netted me approx £230,one team let me down and my return was pretty much my stake back??
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In short your 14 match acca (using 15 teams ) is a 14 from 15 permutation , that is 15 bets/lines @16.66 pence per bet if your total bet on the 14 match acca was £2.50 . If you got 14 correct then 1 bet @16.66 pence won , the other 14 bets didn't win . I don't know if the bookmaker has any special offers etc on any 14 from 15 but that's basically how it works .
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Thank you for the prompt reply....so in a nutshell it's pointless ???
Burkos14 m ago

Thank you for the prompt reply....so in a nutshell it's pointless ???

It's pointless in that situation but good it you have higher odds for each leg. For example you might bet on 5 correct scores, but if you bet on 4 or more being correct even on a low stake you get a good return.
Looking at the odds you got , you must have had 15 stonking odds on favourites . Why not try a 6 match acca covered by 6 x 5 match accas ? For instance 1x6 acca at £2 and 6 x5 match accas @ £1 as your saver , total bet £8 . Obviously you would need selections with slightly better odds (6 correct at around evens would pay nearly £300 - £2 acca 6 correct + 6 x £1 5 acca -) Any 5 out of 6 would give you about £30 back. You need to find selections that you consider value , odds of 1-6 ,2-7 etc aren't really worth selecting on a fun bet .
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Looking at your answers you're both clearly knowledgeable in the betting game. I on the other hand..........
Thank you both for replying. Appreciate it
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