Exploding Paw Patrol foam soap Leaves child in ICU

Found 20th Oct 2017

As far as I know this is the only incident that has occurred, and it is still being looked into, so there may be other factors involved. But I just wanted to let people know about the incident as it is very worrying.

A three-year-old boy is in a critical condition after a canister of Paw Patrol soap “exploded” while he was having a bath.

The little boy was last night being cared for at Belfast’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

His aunt posted a picture of the mouldable soap container on Facebook to spread the word about his injuries.

The branded cleanser features images of three dogs from the popular cartoon rescue heroes, whose work protecting the community takes them on all sorts of adventures.

The aunt said: “Our nephew was in the bath tonight (Wednesday) with this Paw Patrol Foam Soap and it exploded.

“He’s been rushed to the hospital and has to go to the Royal. Please please keep him in your thoughts and prayers he’s only 3.”

She has since told Belfast Live the Derry tot has “burns to the outside and inside of the body” following the incident.
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These are sold in Poundland I always get them from there as they normally cost over double. Will not be using them anymore. Wonder how the canister exploded? Might be the pressure as it’s a foamy soap
Apparently retailers are being asked to remove it from their shelves until an investigation is complete.. although there are shops that are still selling it. According to the warnings on the back of the product it is "extremely flammable" a "pressurised container" which "may burst if heated". I would imagine that the fact it is a product for use in the bathroom and is geared towards young kids, it should not explode so easily in a household bathroom.
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