Explosion in Manhattan

Found 19th Jul 2007

Breaking news, a "manhole explosion" in downtown manhattan.
In my opinion this just creates another conspiracy theory programme on discovery for me to watch in the next few months ;-)
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According to the sky news website, eye witnesses are saying that a building has collapsed!!
Apparently none have collapsed but one is "shaky" news.sky.com/sky…tml
so wheres bush gonna invade now?
According to my local radio station, one person has been reported dead so far.
" Boiling, brownish water and steam gushed geyser-like at least 120 feet high (36 metres) out of a crater about 20 feet (6 metres) wide on Lexington Avenue at 41st Street, one of the busiest areas of New York City near the Grand Central transportation hub."

"The blast shook buildings and broke windows up to 10 stories high on Lexington Avenue.
The geyser was contained about 90 minutes afterward, revealing a truck stuck in the crater"

"It was a steam pipe rupture right before 6 p.m. We're in the process of isolating the pipeline, assessing for possible collateral damage," said Alfonso Quiroz, a spokesman for power utility Consolidated Edison.

It was the latest public embarrassment for ConEd, which is under scrutiny for power blackouts.

The pipe of 24 inches in diameter was installed in 1924, Bloomberg told a news conference, and may have burst because cold water somehow entered it."

One person dead and 20 serious injuries.
Its just a steam pipe that blew

Its just a steam pipe that blew

Yup :thumbsup: that's what I said- last night when these guys were posting they didn't know what had happened though.
Well first impressions when it happened was as expected.

I still think there are possibilities of you know what.
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