Extended Argos Reservation - Is It Possible?

Does anyone know if I reserve something online and then ring them, will they extend he reservation for say a week instead of a couple of days that it shows online?

Also is it possible to use more than one gift card instore to pay for one single transaction?


yes I have done this before, you need to ring the branch you reserved at..

I usually just wait til the day my reservation is up and re reserve it lol.

And i'm pretty sure you can use as many as you want, I think your only restricted when its discount vouchers.

I rang them on the day to say I could get there and they reserved it for a week for me even thou I could go the next day

Someone cant afford something... was it the £1.99 ds stylus pens?

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Thanks for all the responses I think I'll reserve it up and then ring the store on the last day of the reservation and say I can't make it down and ask them to reserve it for the week.

I would wait to re-reserve it online but I don't really want to risk it because there's only one of these items in stock at the local store and they won't be getting anymore in because it's a discontinued item.

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Someone cant afford something... was it the £1.99 ds stylus pens?

Lol, yup I'm waiting for pay day

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Just a note in case someone happens to stumble across this thread and wants the same question answering. You can extend you reservation by phone by calling your local Argos store where the items reserved and you can use multiple gift cards on one single transaction.

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