extended desktop black and white video in colour

    ok, up until today everything was working fine

    my ATI HD2600pro 512mb was outputting 1920x1080 to my dell monitor, I also have extended desktop to my LG 37" 5010 LCD tv too.

    from tonight, when I enabled extended desktop to watch some downloaded tv, it shows up on the TV in black n white, BUT the video played back on KMP player, plays in colour on the TV.

    tried removing and re-installing the ATI driver, no joy.
    tried different HDMI on the TV, no joy.

    tried switching the outputs, usually use the output closest to the mainboard for monitor (DVI)
    the other is ATI DVI-HDMI adapter, with HDMI cable to my TV.

    reboot and my monitor desktop is now in B&W but plays video in colour and the TV is now in colour.

    its SO bizarre, cos i literally havent changed anything since the last time I used it (last night)

    any ideas?

    is my GFX card on its way out?


    I would assume it's just a setting gone astray somewhere if video works fine. Try opening up the Catalyst control centre and checking whether the saturation is set to 0 on that screen (Avivo colour tab). If it is then hit the reset box.

    Original Poster

    nope didnt work at all.
    gonna uninstall, then reinstall again.

    sorted, removed all ATI software, restart, reinstall.

    how strange.
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