Extending Playstation Plus Subscription

    Help if you can please !

    Since using the 30 days free of playstation plus i have been unable to buy the 12 + 3 months free offer (which ends 15th june)

    when i try to buy it i just get the preview button, i have looked around a few sites and they all seem contradicting some state you can extend before your sub expires and some indicate your current sub must expire first

    Any information on this would be helpful


    I thought the existing plus subscribers had a free extension, otherwise they would have lost out. i dont think you could have both? or mabye you have to sub for a year to get the extra freebie

    Phone Sony Playstation.

    Original Poster


    Phone Sony Playstation.

    Already have think i must of got a new employee as he didnt seem to know and just told me he thinks the offer has no end date !
    post on there, if you spam your question on enough threads theyll reply

    I'm having the exact same problem OP!
    If you happen to find a solution, please post back here

    Sorry to drag up a kinda old post, but thought I would let you know that I am still under my PS+ trial (ends tomorrow) and I was able to purchase the year membership + 3 months earlier today
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