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Extending the main BT phone line into my house

Posted 14th Feb 2010
I am looking to extend the length of the main phone line that comes into my house by a good few metres.

Currently my main socket is in the loft and I run a bog standard extension cable from it down to one of the rooms in the house. From there my telephone and router are attached.

Now the reason I want to do this is because with that current set up my broadband is running at about a 6mb connection. If i take my router and connect it direct to the main socket i get a connection of 16mb. I've read that the length of an ethernet cable is irrelevant as long as its not over 100m long which it won't be.

So now the question. What cable do I need to buy to extend the main socket, where do I buy it, and why is it different from a normal extension?
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