Extension Lead - Tumble Dryer

Posted 5th Jan
Looking for an extension lead for my tumble dryer. I know it’s not ideal, but due to space limitations it’s the only way. What kind of cable would be safer to use?
Possible links? Don’t want to have any electrical accidents etc.
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Any lead rated above the combined power requirement of all the devices plugged into it, so any 13A ("thirteen amps") extension lead exclusively powering one device (the TD) should be fine, ideally not excessively longer than required.
If you choose a reel type of extension lead you MUST not leave any cable on the reel. Over time it can melt, as this happened to me even in a coldish garage.
Jeez, if you cannot suss the rating of electrical items then you are a potential liability to your household, so get some knowledge & check any other items for excessive "warmth" on cables, tight clustered cables etc.. please!
(but also, well done for asking).

IF in doubt get the model number of your kit, ask "technical" not just whoever picks up the phone!
Has the proposed location got "breathing space" ? (fridges, freezers, & the like all draw on air for heating / cooling & need space around).

& clean your filter every time you use a drier, & every few years take the cover off to clear out the other dust debris that can cause fires).
OP, would you consider having an electrician adding a wall socket to the location where the tumble dryer instead of using an extension cable?
When we moved appliances about we put our tumble dryer under the stairs. And I used a 3m extension lead from front room through two understairs cupboards. Not yet had any issues in the 4 1/2 months and it has been in regularish use.
39595923-Rd2lG.jpgi used this one and only have the tumble dryer plugged in. Nothing else.
I’ve had one of these and use it 3 times a week plugged into house to tumble dryer in garage as no power in there. I always unravel it fully never had any problems with it even when it’s raining. argos.co.uk/pro…688
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