Posted 21st Dec 2022
Hi, I'm needing an 8m extension lead which has a minimum of 8 sockets with surge protection. Can anyone recommend one please?

It's just for computer office/games consoles/monitor.

Also, is it safe to run a 2 gang extension lead from it just for a light? I know you shouldn't daisy chain them but my room is a bit complicated and would need to do this for a light.

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    I didn't know that you could get extension leads with that many sockets but even if you could you plan to add two more to the load, so that's ten appliances all plugged into one socket. I'm no electrician but that doesn't sound feasible to me.
    You can get 10 and 12 gang which are 13amps. No issues so long as you're not exceeding the rating. 

    To the OP though I have this one in my other half's home office and had it since 2019 and its been perfect. 
    Duronic 12 Way Extension Lead Tower ST12B | 12 Gang Power Strip Cord | Surge & Spike Protector | UK Plug Sockets | BLACK | Electric Multi Plug Adapter | Max. 3000W Capacity | 1.8 Meter Power Cable…LYD

    They also do an 8way but the 10way is cheaper
    Deal: Duronic Extension Lead Tower ST10B Power Strip Cord Adaptor 10 Gang Way | Surge & Spike Protector| Electric UK Multi Plug Socket Adapter | Max. 3000W Capacity | 1.8 Metre Power Cable…AGg

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    You would need yo buy surge protection with 8 sockets and swap the 1m cable for 8m. Not really best plan.

    Other way is to add another surface mounted double socket in trunking along wall where you want it.
    I'd think your best bet is to get electrician to add you more sockets.

    Re surge protection. They are fitting surge protection at fuse boxes now. (edited)
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    Yeah that's what I need. But then can I run a 2 gang extension from it for a light?
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    CPC have a large selection of extension leads…ads
    Worth noting that it's not just the load you need to worry about - it's the heat. I ran a single socket extension lead to a 2kW load and the plug top melted, it was rated for 3kW!
    Same thing happened to my washing machine - the plug top melted.
    I'll post pictures, the good news is a replacement plug can be had for 99p from Home Bargains or 86p from Screwfix!
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    Also worth asking if this is a temporary solution or a permanent install? If it's going to be in place for more than 6 months I'd recommend getting a dedicated cable installed. It will remove trip hazards for starters!
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    Any idea what the total load will be? roughly? That's really the only factor to consider on whether you'll be safe doing this or not. (edited)
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    Just thought I'd share this - I only noticed as there was a burning smell - the "Smart" socket records power usage and it never went over 2kW (13Amp fuse is still intact): 49117990-FqKaz.jpg
    Smart switchs are renowned for this, particularly the cheaper ones.

    Before I got my Eddi wired up I was running the immersion manually through a smart switch when I had excess solar. This was drawing 3060w through it. Barely got warm surprisingly as I was keeping an eye on it as I fully expected it to fail.

    Was a well known reliable brand, Tapo though.
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    Nothing to do with the smart switch - it was the live connection in the plug that overheated and caused the plug housing to melt. The smart switch still works fine and reports the power usage (which never went over 2kW)
    In that case you have an issue with your wiring

    If not then we all need to unplug and revert back to the middle ages.
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    Make your own.
    Buy the 8m 13A flex.
    And disassemble the cheapest 13A 8/10 gang extension like the ones mentioned above and wire your 8m flex into it. (edited)
    Most of the cheap extension blocks are welded shut, making it quite destructive to open. In my experience I have always found a pre-made extension lead to be cheaper than buying the parts and making your own! It just so happens that someone recently posted a deal on here:…588 I very much doubt it would be cheaper to DIY it!
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