External 2.5" USB Powered Hard Drive

    Looking for a External 2.5" USB Powered Hard Drive must be 150gb + they seem to be about the same price (or more) as the 3.5" 500gb external ones I'm seeing.

    I'm looking for a little more value for money as spending the same on a 160gb that could get me a 3.5" 500gb seems daft.

    The problem is i want it for my laptop, and having an external power supply for a 3.5" is a problem for me. Hence wanting a 2.5" cheers!!


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    See, thats great, exactly what I'm looking for, just a shame the price is still about the same as a 500gb 3.5" can be picked up for,I was hoping for a 250gb 2.5" for about the same price.

    250GB in a 2.5" has only very recently come out - its like getting 1TB in a 3.5" drive (the drive will cost over £100 alone). A 500GB 3.5" drive and a 160GB 2.5" drive will likely be very similar in cost to manufacture; sorry but there will always be a compromise between size and storage capacity.

    Look into WD Passport range. They are tiny and only powered by USB.
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