external cd/dvd drive help!?

    Can any1 tell me the best ie cheapest place to get an external cd/dvd drive for my dying laptop.

    need to reformat me system but oops have no cd drive to get the cd to do the business

    any1 help me at all??

    any advice or ideas would be great



    Cheapest you can get at the moment is the external HD DVD player for the xbox 360. It will allow you to play HD DVD's on your PC too! And can be found for under £20 in places like HMV or Gamestation. If you look on the net, you might find it for £10.
    It has no problems with CD's and DVD's either. The only thing it can't do is burn CD's or DVD's.
    Oh and it'll give you an extra USB port too lol

    Original Poster

    star thought !!

    cheers dude!
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