External CD/DVD Writer - Help Appreciated

Looking to get one of these (I think). Do they literally just plug into the mains and via usb into the computer then they work just like a built in one?

Also any suggestions/ideas of one to get. Defo need CD Writer and would like DVD Writer but want as cheap, but decent, as possible.

Or does anyone have a fully orking one to sell. Let me know guys.



There will be 2 lead connectors...1 to plug the writer into the PC and the other to plug in to the power mains socket. Then it will work just like it was built in to the PC

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the sedge;5037212

like these … like these ?http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=external+cd+dvd&tag=googhydr-21&index=electronics&hvadid=3175508103&ref=pd_sl_66sfzrc5h5_b

yeah, had a quick look on here myslef earlier. Any recommended?

i have a LG one, and it doesnt need to be plugged directly into the mains, its powered through usb from laptop...it does come with a second lead - which also plugs into second usb but the impression I have is you only would use that for additional power when burning cd/dvds, for general usage, one usb lead is sufficiant.

I paid £45 including postage (although they have been cheaper - i needed it now)
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