External Desktop Hard-Drive

    A relative's old external hard drive has failed and I'm looking to get them a new one for Christmas.
    I've looked around and it seems like these have all gotten more expensive then the last time I bought one.
    Can anyone recommend a good 2TB for about £45, I heard that 3TBs have higher failure rates, but if that's just a myth I wouldn't mind stretching out to about £70 for one.
    It needs to be a desktop hard drive as they don't trust the portables, and it will be plugged in 24/7 anyway.


    And what can you find on Google?

    I bought my daughter a 1TB Verbatim USB 2.0 Hard Drive for £40 a few months ago from a firm called CCL Computers Limited. She's been using it and has no complaints. I'm sure that more will advise you on other models to check out too.

    Don't trust portables as in USB powered ones? You don't want to buy a plug powered drive, that's more wires, more mess, more inconvenient and another possible breaking point. 3TB do not have higher failure rates.

    Hard drives are actually about the same price, they rarely go down in price. It's standard to cost £40-45 for a 1TB and about £75 for a 3TB.…UVM

    That drive will do fine!

    As there seems to be a lot of potentially questionable assumptions based on perception rather than reality, I suggest you consider drives with 3 year warranty rather than the typically more common 2 years. Maxtor/Samsung/Seagate D3 desktop and USB portable M3 2TB drives have 3 year warranty. Even if those items are statistically less reliable in certain applications, you have a third longer warranty period. The very canny could replace drives at two years, and a drive with 12m transferable warranty remaining will be an attractive buy and command a better sale price than a drive with zero warranty remaining.
    Random sub-£70 2TB examples quoting 3 years warranty:…dbm…tml

    I know it sounds crazy, but having 2 backup drives is better if you have important data. Another backup is to email a backup to your Gmail Account. Can leave it there indefinitely. For added security use WINRAR or WINZIP with a password to create a smaller secure file containing many files. Limit the size to a few GIG, and then make a few for all backed up files. I would not trust one backup on an external pendrive.

    Personally and from experience, l have the Seagate Backup Plus Portable 2TB USB 3.0 External, can`t fault it, only one caveat, replace the original case (pant`s anyway) with This One and with kids throwing it about, it`s still growing strong.

    Just don't buy Seagate, high failure rates.
    HGST (hitachi) are the reliable mechanical drives at this time.
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