external drive Mac problem usb 3.0 - slow to mount

Posted 4th Nov 2015
Anyone know what the issue could be
I do have my iTunes folder on the external but it takes ages to mount in not sure if it's a cable issue as I don't like the 3.0 cables but I have 2 drives and it's the same
I've tired direct and via a anker usb powered hub

Just seems slow to mount if it does at all
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- Is the external drive powered from the usb cable or external power source?
- Check the partitions on the drive if there is any.
- Maybe certain unkown/large files are causing this process, use App to clean the drive for junk files.
- Maybe its just a cheap slow drive like those green drives.
have you tried it in all ports?
have you tried other disks in all ports?
i'm sure i've had some temperamental disks over time (mainly USB flash drives i think) that take an age to mount. never worked out why - as sometimes they might mount quickly.
not sure what it's doing during this time, but i think it's reading the disk and building up a library of filenames or whatever it is that it needs to do to let you view contents in finder
I think you are right they are usb powered and I've tried the different Ports and it's the same and also usb powered hub
It's my Samsung p3 2tb drive which I have partitioned in to two 1tb.i think it's a sea gate drive within . I do have about 800gb on the partition with the other 1tb being empty that generally loads first
Once you get the drive mounted, use Disk Utility to check it over and verify permissions.

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