External DVD Burner or Replace broken one..

    hey ppl, im new to this so be gentle.. lol

    i have bought a laptop from ebay with a minor problem.. (i did know about it when i bought it.)

    The CD/DVD drive will not work so i either need a replacement drive for the laptop or a external drive?!? i would prefer a DVD Burner if i go for the external option. :-D

    the laptop is a:

    Hi-Grade Notino W6700
    2.0 ghz
    512mb ram
    40gb HDD

    Muchas Gracias


    Sorry this isn't an answer but I also need an external DVD writer. There are all of these different types and I'm not even sure if it matters if it's SATA or IDE...:oops: I have a Dell Latitude laptop but I want an external drive, preferably not too expensive, preferably one that's not going to disintegrate in a year or two. Or advice on how to figure out what to get.


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    still struggling to find one of these... any help??


    A Pioneer 111d with a USB enclosure? It's a very well regarded dual layer writer.

    Microdirect is where I got mine. The drive was about £20 - dunno about the enclosure (mine is internal) but can't imagine it being more than about a tenner.

    you could get an external DVD drive enclosure (e.g. from ebay) and stick an IDE DVDRW in it. Probably the cheapest way to do it.

    what model laptop is it? if it is dell I may have a spare internal DVDRW drive.

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    its a hi-grade laptop. the specs should be in the first post..

    Im finding it amazingly hard to find parts! Need Battery for it aswell..

    the drive thats in it is a slot loading drive and i cant find one anywhere..


    hi m8
    try here…717

    its a
    HP DVD1040e 20x External Lightscribe DVD Writer
    plus theres an extra £10 off for using google checkout
    works out at 27.99

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    Nice find mate.. ive ordered one today.
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