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Found 30th Jul 2007
I need an external dvd burner but I'm new to dvd burning and have no idea what to look for! I've done a search but I don't know which one is best to get! They all confuse me and I don't want to get the wrong one that will pack up in a couple of months! I'm looking to spend a maximum of £50 but I don't even know if this will get me a decent re-writter!
Can anyone help?
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I've seen that but everyone's saying it's not at that price anyway and someone has already listed that there are none in the stores where I live.
I read somehwere that it's cheaper and works faster to buy an internal dvd re-writer then an external case?!
Is there anyone who is good on this tech stuff that can help me? I have no idea about this stuff and I don't know where else to go!
Yes, go internal if your PC has space. You should be looking at paying around 20 pounds at most.

I've found the Lite-on models are excellent, particularly the 20A1H:

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