External Hard Disk - Before Christmas Delivery

    My mum's asked for an external hard disk for Christmas. Not sure what she'll use it for so I may even end up getting it back, but maybe she has some ideas.

    Anyway, it'll have to be USB. As it's not the only present she's getting it also needs to be fairly cheap. Storage size is obviously nice but not a great deal of importance. It needs to be RELIABLE more than anything.

    And, it needs to be here in time for Chrrriiiissssstttttmmmaaaaassss if ordered online. Not sure what shops I can get to over the next week or so though apart from and Argos... but I'm open to suggestions.



    maplin, E buyer, amazon depend what size? feed into google. go through quidco everyone is selling them cheap and the forum hot deals have a few

    tesco's also sell them now and woolworths

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    Sorry, not very helpful on my behalf. I'm more after recommendations on which will be reliable. :santa:

    How much do you want to spend Ducky, or what size do you think?

    Preferences for reliability vary, but mine would be Western Digital [can you tell?] :giggle:

    USB2.0 Western Digital 250Gb at Amazon:


    £64.99 delivered

    Seagate is the ONLY choice...........

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    Well, SVP have some Freecom drives I've taken a look at:

    ~ £84 for a 320GB drive.…363
    ~ £50 for an 80GB drive.…465

    I think the best option may be the £250GB for ~ £67. It's only 3.5" too...

    There's also a Freecom SL Network drive which costs quite a bit more. That'd be nice - would it connect to my netgear router easily?? Kinda defeats the objective of a portable external hard disk really, but it'd be great if all four of our computers could share it so easily.

    Freecom are supposed to be pretty good as well. Ray is biased about Western Digital though! :-D

    You say only 3.5 inch.
    That's the size of the disk inside the external case.
    The case could be a metre squared, but they can still advertise it as a 3.5 inch disk.
    How ever, they aren't really a metre squared. But they are certainly not only 3.5inches :-D
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