External hard drie and RAM

    there's two things i'm after,

    i) an external hard drive, 320gb min and 500gb preferably. what things should i look out for and what's the best price i can get?

    ii) RAM. I need DDR2 for my dell dimension 9150. I've got two slots empty so want 2x1gb sticks. whats the difference in 4300 and 5400 and those random numbers and again what's a good price

    many thanks!!!


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    I have the 500gb version of this and it is can leave it connected to your PC and it turns on and off with the PC...whereas some do not have this 500gb was a price error at [url][/url] so check prices there.

    I'd go for the 5400 ram as there's hardly any difference in price...shame coz you missed a great deal a few weeks back on this but it is still a very good price and well worth the extra over the VALUE ram IMO.…278

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    many thanks!!!
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