External Hard Drive

    Hi there, hubby has asked for an external hard drive that plugs in a usb port for crimbo. Apparently he wants to save all our photos on it so that if the main computer breaks down, we don't lose all our piccies - nice idea but I don't know anything about external hard drives. Can anyone please point me in the right direction and advise what type of memory I might need and where I can buy such a thing? Prices too please!!!



    This is very good value at the moment but you will have to order today or it will be £10 dearer


    500GB external USB drive £54 delivered, it will be more than enough storage (I assume this is what you mean by memory)

    I have an 80gb one I'd be willing to sell except a) it'd take me a few days to post it out and b) make me an offer. It'd have to be decent as I'd have to go out and buy a replacement (though probably something a bit bigger).

    But 80gb, hell 5gb is ample for photos!

    And yes, it's USB. I can send photos if you're interested in buying (after an offer) - it's as new. Even got the box somewhere.
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