external hard drive

    I have been advised to buy a external hard drive for my computer.

    Some people have complained that theirs have broken down. If I did buy one and it had photos stored on it would a computer shop be able to retrieve them or would they be lost for good?

    Does anyone recommend an external hard drive they have bought recently?


    As mechanical devices they will break down at some stage
    Its pretty rare that data cannot be lifted off a broken hard drive butt....they are sealed units and may require clean room handling so the actual cost of data recovery may be more than u expect
    Multiple backups ftw

    Lacie (made by porche), they're excellent. I got a 1tb for around £190, they are now about £130 I think.


    i'll just recommend Seagate, I don't buy anything but now. Microsoft used them in the original Xbox don't know what they use now but 6-7years two out two of mine are still going strong. Also got three 350GB+ drives in computer working perfectly no clicks or anything, they also come with a 5 year warranty so no worries.

    There are plenty of data recovery programs out there I recommend 'Active Partition Recovery', it can recover drives even if you've formatted over them or deleted the master boot record by accident :whistling: Physical damage would cause certain parts of the drive to be unrecoverable though and would need expensive lab recovery where they take the drive apart.

    Try [url][/url]. They have good selection of drives. Also drive enclosures so you can fit disk of your choice..:roll:
    Updated to www, not dab



    Try [url][/url]. They have good selection of drives. Also … Try [url][/url]. They have good selection of drives. Also drive enclosures so you can fit disk of your choice..:roll:

    You ever heard of [url][/url] ? :whistling:


    Lacie (made by porche)

    The chassis is "designed" by Porsche, not made by them. The hard drive(s) inside will be standard off the shelf models from one of the major manufacturers (Seagate (and Maxtor), Samsung, WD, HGST (and Fujitsu for 2.5" and smaller)). I'd be very concerned if Porsche manufactured my hard drive...
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