External Hard drive

    Can a External 500GB BUFALLO Drivestation used as a boot up that will store Windows and be used as a main H drive for the PC?


    I believe if your BIOS supports it then it should work. Go into the BIOS and have a look at the list of bootable/startup devices. If the External Drive is listed there, then it should be capable of having an Operating System running on it.

    Have a read here for more information;…htm


    Windows will not comfortably boot off an external drive (assuming it's USB based), it is possible to run a cut down version or with some modifications you can run a full Windows installation but if you're not technically inclined it's just not going to happen.

    On first boot after the text mode setup has completed you'll quickly see a Blue Screen of Death appear.

    Yeah, its quite difficult to do with Windows but it is possible. Using another OS like Linux would probably be an easier route if like Beelzebub said, you are not "technically inclined".

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    Thank you. Now I just got to perseade the other half into letting me have the HD 4870 x 2
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